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Brilliant Coacing Audio Book

Brilliant Coaching Audio Book


  • A rich source of ideas and practical guidance you can put to work right away
  • Packed with models and approaches proven to work in the workplace
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What Will I Get From This?

You will gain listening access to an audible version of Brilliant Coaching, by Julie Starr. Listening is split into four parts:

1. Awareness

- How does coaching work within the role of a busy manager?

- What are the key differences, e.g. as a set of behaviours, beliefs and mindset?

2. Ability

- What are the key skills of coaching and how can I develop them in my everyday workplace?

- What are the barriers to good coaching and how do I avoid them?

3. Application

-How does coaching fit into different styles of conversation? e.g. planned 1:1's, informal chats etc.

-What does it look and sound like (includes sample dialogues/demonstration)

4. Action

-What's most important/relevant about coaching for me?

-How do I get started now, e.g. take my learning forward?


Brilliant Coaching Audio Book is suitable for:

  • People who manage people, at any level
  • Professionals who provide a coaching or facilitation role, e.g. HR Advisors
  • Anyone interested in coaching or mentoring others in the workplace

What skills and abilities do you cover?

Specific skills content includes:

Building rapport and relationship

Learn how the foundation of your influence in conversation is the rapport you build with others, e.g. where openness and trust demand healthy levels of rapport

Structure of A Conversation

How a simple frame of a beginning, middle and end to a conversation can dramatically influence your effectiveness. You’ll hear sample dialogues in a range of scenarios, to illustrate both planned and unplanned coaching conversations.

Focused Listening

Learn how the quality of our listening depends on the quality of our focus, and simple ways to improve that. You’ll also discover the barriers to great listening and how to avoid those.

Effective Questioning

A core skill of any effective manager and coach, is your ability to ask questions with impact. Like our ability to listen, asking great questions is not just a skill of coaching but a skill for life generally.

Constructive Feedback

Discover for yourself how ‘tough conversations’ don’t have to be, and how by using the ideas that underpin coaching, you can give feedback messages relating to behaviour or performance in ways that engage change (and maintain relationship).

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What’s my investment?

Cost of the audio book on LearnStarr is £10* which includes unlimited access to the book in four parts:

  • Awareness
  • Ability
  • Application
  • Action
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*If you purchase on behalf of a UK based organisation, we add VAT at 20% to this cost.
Status: Not Enrolled
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What does LearnStarr do?

LearnStarr advances the skills of managers and leaders in the workplace with a clear focus on enabling others to learn, develop and perform. We develop manager mindset and ability to help them thrive.

What kind of learning do you focus on?

We are recognised experts in the field of coaching and mentoring. We’re also hugely experienced in topics such as conversational influence, emotional maturity, and the impact of ego in the workplace.

How does it work?

All programmes and events are delivered by either Julie Starr or members of her team. During programmes involving multiple events - Intermediate, Advanced and Certificate – you also gain access to content and resources within LearnStarr. Before and after each event, you are invited into LearnStarr to watch something, read something, write something, etc.