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What is Learnstarr?

LearnStarr offers the highest quality development programmes for anyone who wants to build personal and professional skills in their workplace. On-line options range from short, self-study courses to more extensive programmes which combine live, virtual, events with online resources, downloads, and guided practice.

LearnStarr is a part of Starr Coaching, and our goal is to grow positive mindset, ability, and behaviour in the workplace.

About Julie Starr

Julie Starr’s book, The Coaching Manual, has supported the development of the coaching profession since 2002 and The Mentoring Manual is now the best-selling mentoring title in the UK. Brilliant Coaching, her book for managers and leaders, enables the use of coaching ideas to transform everyday conversations and results.

From Julie:
‘The issues organisations face right now demand a basic shift in the principles we operate from. This work enables people to think differently, act differently and create profoundly better results.’



Our goal is to de-mystify coaching and mentoring, to make these skills available to anyone. We want coaching behaviours to be so normal, natural and every day, that people don’t even view them as special. Behaviours like listening with intention or talking less and asking more; it’s a quiet revolution, and a revolution just the same.

Manager as a coach: Series overview

Manager as Coach: Foundation

Our self-study, entry-level programme. Learn how to apply the fundamentals of coaching in your workplace. Things to watch, read and do; be challenged to learn at a pace that suits you.


Manager as Coach: Intermediate

Learn, practice and apply key principles and skills of coaching in a manager and leader’s role. Includes 4 live events over a 4-week period plus LearnStarr resources.


Manager as Coach: Advanced

An immersive programme to shift the mindset and behaviours towards a coaching style of management and leadership. Includes 7 live events over a 12-week period to create tangible uplift in managing style and results.


Manager as Coach: Certificate

An add-on programme for graduates of Manager as Coach: Advanced . Includes evaluation and assessment criteria.


Brilliant Coaching Audio Book

Listen on the go - Julie Starr narrates her coaching book for managers, Brilliant Coaching; also available on Audible and Apple Books.


Brilliant Coaching Video Series

A rich library of high-quality video tutorials and demonstrations which provide a comprehensive supplement to Julie Starr’s book, Brilliant Coaching


Free Resources: Read

A broad mix of interviews, case studies and articles, for readers who enjoy reading!


Free Resources: Listen

Podcast discussions and interviews which focus on coaching skills, coaching as a practice and the profession overall.


Free Resources: Watch

Videos to explain what coaching is, and isn't, plus demonstrations of how coaching builds better outcomes in everyday work conversation.


The Coaching Manual: Free Downloads

Coaching resources for readers of Julie Starr's best selling book. These materials are free for personal (not business) use and we request that you do not charge for them.


The Mentoring Manual: Free Downloads

Readers of Julie Starr's book for mentors can find free to download resources to support their mentoring. These resources are free for personal (not business) use and we request that you do not charge for them.


To make our work available online we've collaborated with some of our favourite client organisations; here’s what they have to say about the experience:

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What does LearnStarr do?

LearnStarr advances the skills of managers and leaders in the workplace with a clear focus on enabling others to learn, develop and perform. We develop manager mindset and ability to help them thrive.

What kind of learning do you focus on?

We are recognised experts in the field of coaching and mentoring. We’re also hugely experienced in topics such as conversational influence, emotional maturity, and the impact of ego in the workplace.

How does it work?

All programmes and events are delivered by either Julie Starr or members of her team. During programmes involving multiple events - Intermediate, Advanced and Certificate – you also gain access to content and resources within LearnStarr. Before and after each event, you are invited into LearnStarr to watch something, read something, write something, etc.