Brilliant Coaching Video Series


  • A rich library of high-quality video tutorials and demonstrations which provide a comprehensive supplement to Julie Starr’s book, Brilliant Coaching.
  • 23 videos in total, ranging from 5 minutes to 25 minutes in length.
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*If you purchase on behalf of a UK based organisation, we add VAT at 20% to this cost.

What Will I Get From This?

You will gain viewing access to a collection of videos, i.e. no supporting instruction is provided*. Simply view the videos alongside your reading/listening to of Julie book, Brilliant Coaching. By watching the videos, you can:

  1. Gain a quick appreciation of what coaching is and isn’t, within the role of a busy manager
  2. Learn as you like: listen to the audio book, watch the videos, or read the book in a combination that works for you
  3. Deepen your understanding of coaching principles and behaviours, via a blended learning approach

* Please note that you purchase access for your own individual use only. No part of any video may be shown to groups or in a training context. For training/group rental rates, please contact us.


Brilliant Coaching Video Series is suitable for:

  • People who manage people, at any level
  • Professionals who provide a coaching or facilitation role, e.g. HR Advisors
  • Anyone interested in coaching or mentoring others in the workplace

Programme Overview
Brilliant Coaching Video Series

What skills and abilities do you cover?

Specific video content includes:

Awareness & Mindset

  • Tutorial: What is Coaching?
  • Demonstration: Directive Influence in Conversation
  • Tutorial: Beliefs we operate from
  • Demonstration: Less Directive Influence in Conversation
  • Tutorial: Barriers to Coaching


Coaching Skills

  • Tutorial: Focussed Listening
  • Tutorial: Effective Questions
  • Tutorial: The Coaching Path
  • Demonstration: Less Directive Influence in Conversation
  • Tutorial: Steppingstones Model
  • Demonstration: Steppingstones Model
  • Tutorial: Building Rapport & Relationship
  • Tutorial: Constructive Feedback
  • Demonstration: Effective Feedback
  • Tutorial: Barriers to Effective Feedback
  • Demonstration: Effective Feedback 2
  • Tutorial: Response Coaching
  • Demonstration: Response Coaching
  • Demonstration: Less Directive Influence in Conversation

Advanced perspectives

  • Demonstration: Julie Starr Live Coaching
  • Interview: Julie Starr follow-up to live coaching
  • Coaching in the culture
  • Interview: Why Coaching in the Workplace?
  • Interview: Embedding Coaching Behaviours into the Workplace
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Our ‘watch and learn’ programme

This video series is a complete summary of the principles, skills and behaviours that enable managers and leaders to coach in the workplace. They are intended to support readers of Brilliant Coaching to gain further clarity and insight, as they read or listen to the book.

What’s my investment?

Video series access costs £79* which includes:

  • 12-week access to all video materials
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*If you purchase on behalf of a UK based organisation, we add VAT at 20% to this cost.

Status: Not Enrolled
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What does LearnStarr do?

LearnStarr advances the skills of managers and leaders in the workplace with a clear focus on enabling others to learn, develop and perform. We develop manager mindset and ability to help them thrive.

What kind of learning do you focus on?

We are recognised experts in the field of coaching and mentoring. We’re also hugely experienced in topics such as conversational influence, emotional maturity, and the impact of ego in the workplace.

How does it work?

All programmes and events are delivered by either Julie Starr or members of her team. During programmes involving multiple events - Intermediate, Advanced and Certificate – you also gain access to content and resources within LearnStarr. Before and after each event, you are invited into LearnStarr to watch something, read something, write something, etc.