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The following are an eclectic collection of items we've created over the years, gathered here to support your interest in coaching and conversational skills.

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Our Audio Archive: Interviews and discussion

The truth never ages does it? We've enjoyed going back over these to hear the consistency of principles that enable mastery and success within coaching. Whether you're a practicing coach or simply interested in acquiring these skills, we hope there is something here for you.  

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Starr Coaching Podcast: Mastery of coaching questions

Starr Coaching Podcast: Julie Starr on success as a coach

Starr Coaching Podcast: Julie tackles 'the qualification question'

Julie gives clear definition and principles of great questions, plus, what stops us from asking them!

What is success within the role of a coach and how do we achieve that?

Should I get a qualification, and which one should I get? (hint - most of the answer lies within you).

Starr Coaching Podcast: Coaching within a manager or leader's role

Starr Coaching Podcast: How do I charge money for coaching?

Starr Coaching Podcast: Julie talks to Kim Morgan of Barefoot Coaching

Knowing what not to do can be super important, here's the trip-hazards to avoid.

Julie tackles the tricky issue of charging as a professional coach.

Julie talks to the powerhouse that is Kim Morgan, of Barefoot Coaching.

Coaching Uncaged:  Julie is interviewed by Yannick Jacob

In this episode of The Coaches Studio, Animas host, Yannick Jacob, talks with Julie Starr.

Brilliant Coaching Audio Book

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Chapter 1: What is coaching

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