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Articles and blogs

Free chapter: The Coaching Manual

The Definitive Guide to the Process, Principles, and Skills of Personal Coaching

Highly effective coaches have mastered the ability to create conversations of enquiry. This isn't asking a few questions and then giving advice, it isn't putting someone through a 'process' or explaining a clever theory, model or technique. It's the ability to hold space, listen with your mind and body, and 'get yourself out of the way' in conversation.

To explore this idea further, check out this free chapter of The Coaching Manual.

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Free Chapter: Brilliant Coaching

Become a Manager who can Coach

Managers with a parental style encourage people to act like children. If you want your team to focus less on problems and more on solutions, or take ownership/responsibility, then first recognise your part in their current behaviours. Fortunately, there are simple changes you can make, for people to engage and respond more resourcefully.

Read the free chapter of my book for managers, Brilliant Coaching and try out some of the ideas today. The only thing you've got to lose is your co-dependency.

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LinkedIn Article 1: Don't be distratcted by the hype - think EI not AI

With the spotlight on Artificial Ingelligence (AI), Emotional Intelligence (EI) is now more important than ever and here's why

3-4 minute read.

LinkedIn Article 2: Emotional Intelligence is your superpower

Are you building EI in yourself and others? Here's how to do it across the organisation by developing managers who can coach.

3-4minute read.

Article 1: How does coaching increase engagement?

What is engagement and how does a manager's style and approach make such a difference to people's level of engagement in the workplace?

7 minute read.

Article 2. How does the ego impact us in coaching?

An interview with Julie Starr to discuss her learning an development on this key topic for any coach, manager or leader.

5 minute read.

Mentor Blog 1: Rein in that ego

Learn how having an agenda or strategy for the person you are mentoring can inhibit the true potential of the person you are mentoring.

3 minute read.

Mentor Blog 2: Mentor, don't manage

Discover how one of the easy traps for a manager to fall into, is to forget that a relationship is focused on mentoring, and instead return to managing.

3 minute read.

Mentor Blog 3: Benevolence is a Mentor's magic key

Why is benevolence important as a quality of a Mentor's mindset and approach, towards the person they are mentoring?

3 minute read.

Mentor Blog 4. Find your compassion

If benevolence and compassion are lacking, from the Mentor to a Mentee, what are the options? (A follow-up article to Mentor Blog 3.)

3 minute read.

Mentor Blog 5: The importance of respect in mentoring

As the twinned attribute to benevolence, learn how fundamental to infleunce the quality of respect is, from the Mentee towards the Mentor.

3 minute read.

Mentor Blog 6: The Manager as Parent

A pithy, provocative read on how the bringing our best qualities of parenting into the workplace might not be such a bad idea after all.

3-4 minute read.

Life Blog 1: How to handle failure

Noone likes it, everyone experiences it, let's get objective and practical, how to look at failure differently, maybe it's just progress?

3-4 minute read.

Life Blog 2: How to prepare for an awesome interview

Interviews, whether you enjoy them or not is less important than your preparation in advance. Here are three simple steps that anyone can benefit from - and they're super easy to do 🙂

3-4 minute read.

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