Manager as coach: certificate


  • Open to graduates who have completed our MaC Advanced programme within the previous 12 months.
  • LearnStarr pre-thinking and follow-up, e.g., videos, self-assessments, reading and reflection
  • Group size limit of 15 people. Mandated practice, candidates must coach in their workplace
  • Personal, 1:1 Coaching from an accredited Starr Coach Supervisor
  • Submission of ‘evidence of learning’ e.g. reflection notes and Personal Development Plan
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*If you purchase on behalf of a UK based organisation, we add VAT at 20% to this cost.

What Will I get from this?

This programme enables graduates of our Advanced Programme to:

  • Strengthen their ability to coach others
  • Deepen their personal understanding and awareness of what it means to coach others
  • Gain potential accreditation by Starr Coaching, a leading provider of coach training

A natural way to learn

Over a ten-week journey, work-life is blended with:

  • Live online events with theory input, demonstrations, practice, and Q&A’s
  • Pre-thinking and follow-up learning materials, e.g. high-quality video content, self-assessment, reading and reflection
  • On-going practice; with a programme buddy or a colleague
  • One to one coaching by a qualified Starr coach
  • Completing accreditation requirements, e.g. real life coaching assignments and peer evaluations


Manager as Coach: Certificate is suitable for:

  • Anyone who has successfully completed our Manager as Coach: Advanced Programme

What skills and abilities do you cover?

Specific programme content includes:

  1. Supported integration of core coaching skills, specifically:
    1. Additional techniques to support effectiveness, e.g., Powerful Questions
  2. One to one coaching from a Starr Coach
  3. Supported practice sessions in the ‘classroom’ environment
  4. Structured feedback on workplace coaching
  5. Developing a Coaching Mindset: Beliefs as behaviour
  6. Assessment of commitment, ability and outcomes, e.g. submission of ‘Evidence of Learning’, feedback from Target Coachees, plus Coach Facilitator input.
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Your Learning Journey

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What’s my investment?

Programme cost is £1,795* which includes:

  • Participation on all live events
  • Three, one-hour coaching sessions with a Starr Coach
  • Potential accreditation by Starr Coaching, including a certificate
  • Access to supplementary materials on LearnStarr, e.g. recordings of live events, video tutorials and demonstrations plus downloadable resources
  • Access to materials for six-weeks beyond the end of the last live event.
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*If you purchase on behalf of a UK based organisation, we add VAT at 20% to this cost.

Our Certificate Programme

Over a 10-week period, candidates engage in supported practice to deepen their coaching ability (we call this Target Coaching). Candidates are supported by an accredited Starr Coach Supervisor. In weeks 2-7, candidates are invited to demonstrate their skills in their workplace and receive feedback.

Programme materials and videos are available on LearnStarr for a further six-week period beyond the final live event.

Activity, support and resources - what’s included

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What does LearnStarr do?

LearnStarr advances the skills of managers and leaders in the workplace with a clear focus on enabling others to learn, develop and perform. We develop manager mindset and ability to help them thrive.

What kind of learning do you focus on?

We are recognised experts in the field of coaching and mentoring. We’re also hugely experienced in topics such as conversational influence, emotional maturity, and the impact of ego in the workplace.

How does it work?

All programmes and events are delivered by either Julie Starr or members of her team. During programmes involving multiple events - Intermediate, Advanced and Certificate – you also gain access to content and resources within LearnStarr. Before and after each event, you are invited into LearnStarr to watch something, read something, write something, etc.

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