Manager as coach: foundation


  • Our three-stage, self-study programme
  • Free, four-week access to LearnStarr resources, e.g., videos, self-assessments, reading, reflection and downloads (access for a twelve week period with paid version)
  • Access to audio version of Brilliant Coaching, by Julie Starr
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*If you purchase on behalf of a UK based organisation, we add VAT at 20% to this cost.

What will I get from this?

This programme enables you to:

  • Understand what a coaching style looks and sounds like in the workplace
  • Decide how a coaching style can benefit you in your role and situation
  • Get started on adopting coaching principles and behaviours to gain quick results

A natural way to learn

Over a four-week period, you can:

  • Decide your own priorities; view videos, read, listen and practice in practical ways for you
  • Work through the three stages of the course; use your everyday situations to raise your awareness
  • Move from ideas to action – be supported to try out coaching ideas and principles for yourself


Manager as Coach: Foundation is suitable for:

  • People who manage people, at any level
  • Professionals who provide a coaching or facilitation role, e.g. HR Advisors
  • Anyone interested in coaching or mentoring others in the workplace

Programme Overview
Manager as Coach: Foundation

What skills and abilities do you cover?

Specific programme content includes:

  1. What is coaching? When does this style of conversation work well - and why?
  2. When coaching doesn’t work, what to avoid
  3. What does a coaching style versus a more directive managing style look/sound like in conversation?
  4. What type of questions work best?
  5. Self-awareness, what is your typical style of influence and how can this improve?
  6. How can coaching work for you, e.g. in your role, with your colleagues and teams?
  7. Take coaching forward, your plan for action, development themes and goals.


Note this product is available to purchase by an individual or an organisation under licence, e.g. for a corporate intranet or an e-learning system.
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Your Learning Journey

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What’s my investment?

This programme is free to access for four weeks. Paid programme cost is £125* which includes:

  • Access to supplementary materials on LearnStarr, e.g. 10 video tutorials and demonstrations plus downloadable resources
  • Access to materials for twelve weeks after the point of purchase
  • A time-limited money back guarantee, e.g. within 2 days (48 hours) of purchasing, if you are not happy, we will refund your cost


  • For more information about licensing this product for your organisation, please email
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*If you purchase on behalf of a UK based organisation, we add VAT at 20% to this cost.

Our Entry Level Programme

This self-study programme helps managers and professionals gain fast access to the core principles, definitions and understanding of what coaching is (and isn’t) within the role of a busy manager or leader.

This programme can also engage others during a company-wide programme to encourage coaching in the culture. For example, to offer understanding and engagement in the opportunity of coaching for individuals and the broader business.

Activity, support and resources - what’s included

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What does LearnStarr do?

LearnStarr advances the skills of managers and leaders in the workplace with a clear focus on enabling others to learn, develop and perform. We develop manager mindset and ability to help them thrive.

What kind of learning do you focus on?

We are recognised experts in the field of coaching and mentoring. We’re also hugely experienced in topics such as conversational influence, emotional maturity, and the impact of ego in the workplace.

How does it work?

All programmes and events are delivered by either Julie Starr or members of her team. During programmes involving multiple events - Intermediate, Advanced and Certificate – you also gain access to content and resources within LearnStarr. Before and after each event, you are invited into LearnStarr to watch something, read something, write something, etc.