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The Coaching Manual offers a range of free resources to download - exercises and tools to support your coaching practice.

Please note: All resources are free to download, please use them with our blessings, and the following understanding:

  • That you will use these resources only within your own personal coaching work or practice
  • That you will not charge for use of these resources (or any part of them)
  • That you will credit our work appropriately, e.g. indicate Starr Coaching is the source of these materials.

Part 1: Strengthen your skills

1.1 Help someone find their answer

Practice the core coaching principle of less directive conversations.

1.2 Develop effective attention

Develop a ‘still, focused mind’ needed to coach effectively

1.3 Develop deeper listening

Learn to listen at a deeper level.

1.4 Get some feedback

Learn the principles of giving constructive feedback, by receiving some.

1.5 Build a clearer goal

Help someone get clearer about a goal, and become more motivated towards it.

1.6 Questions for reflection (coach)

For a coach to help guide reflection and accelerate learning

Part 2: Building BLocks

2.1 Coaching overview document

A document you might give to a new coachee or client, to help them understand and prepare for coaching as you begin an assignment.

2.2 Start a first session

Helping you plan and prepare for a first coaching session.

2.3 Summary of a first session

An overview of what happened in a first coaching session, to help you imagine a typical conversation.

2.4 Summary of a feedback interview process

An overview of both the approach and content of a conversation a coach has had with someone nominated by their coachee, where the coach gathers feedback on their behalf (as input to a coaching assignment).

2.5 Questions for reflection (coachee)

Prompts to help guide your coachee’s reflection and accelerate their progress.

2.6 Personal development plan

A document which creates a clearer focus on, and record of, your coachees’ goals and objectives.

2.7 Assignment review

Potential agenda/ prompts to support the review of an assignment

2.8 Example coaching goals

Example coaching goals for review

2.9 Questions for reflection in advance of session 1

Questions for reflection in advance of session 1

2.10 Coaching in organisation

Coaching in organisation - roles within an assignment

About the book

The Coaching Manual

The Definitive Guide to The Process, Principles and Skills of Personal Coaching

Translated around the world, and recommended reading on many coaching programmes, this bestselling book is trusted globally as the definitive guide to coaching. The Coaching Manual combines an understanding of coaching principles, skills, attitudes and behaviours, along with practical guidance and a comprehensive tool kit for coaches.

Praise for the book includes:

"The definitive resource for aspiring as well as seasoned coaches. No one has brought to life the nuts and bolts better than Julie Starr." Marshall Goldsmith, #1 New York Times bestselling author of What got you here won't get you there.

"...the most comprehensive book on the practice of coaching that I have come across. If anyone wishes to become a one-to-one coach and only read one book about it, this could well be that book." Sir John Whitmore, author of Coaching for Performance.

Free Resources

The Coaching Manual offers a range of free resources to download; from tips and tricks to build your skills, to reflection note templates, these tools will help you realise outstanding coaching results.

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